Where to buy watches

The definitive 24 hour watch web site is André's. He also has a comprehensive list of every available 24 hour watch, and records of every 24 hour watch ever made. Go there for all your 24 hour watch needs and questions.
For buying advice, the best place to go is the 24 hour watch forum atwatchuseek. These guys know their watches!
There’s a wide range of 24 hour watches available for sale. You can spend a little or a lot on any watch - from $5 to $500,000 - and 24 hour watches are no different. The basic categories are as follows:
  • inexpensive Russian mechanical
  • inexpensive quartz
  • more expensive mechanical/quartz
Here are just a few examples of watches you can buy. For more ideas, browse the other pages of this site.

Inexpensive Russian mechanical

For an introduction to Russian 24 hour watches, visit the Russian 24 hours info (russian24hours.info) site.
Mechanical Russian 24 hour watch prices start at around $35 and up. Here's my Raketa:
and here’s one of the Vostok range I bought from http://www.russia4u.co.uk/:
The Vostok Cosmonaut watch is the "Neil Armstrong version" of the Cosmonaut watch.

Inexpensive quartz

To start your collection, buy one - or collect the complete set - of the 24 hour quartz watches from the AAA Watch club. These start at around $50.
The AAA watch club is a great source for new and inexpensive 24 hour analog quartz watches. You can buy men's and ladies' watches, with leather or metal straps, and even with noon on the top (rare!).
This Hummel watch is finely finished and inexpensive at 55 Euros. Unusually, they've chosen the noon at the top design:
For $380 or so, you can buy this single-handed 24 hour watch from Botta Design.
This Zeno watch can be found at http://www.zeno-watch.ch or possiblywww.timefactors.com:

More expensive mechanical/quartz

You'll be able to choose from a huge range of modern and used 24 hour watches if you're prepared to spend from $500 to $5000.
The Glycine Airman is one of the classics: visit the Glycine site to make your choice of Glycine Airman watches.
Here's the Breitling Flyback:
And the stylish Airnautic: